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A Daydreaming Mom in Andorra” is a one-act play comedy written by Renata Elis, suitable for broad audiences. The story is about a forty-something expat who daydreams as an escape mechanism whenever the juggling of raising her children, growing her business, and adapting to life in Andorra becomes overwhelming.

Location and Date of the Show: The show will be performed at the Centre de Congressos d’Andorra La Vela. The duration of the performance is 60 minutes, with two showings scheduled:

• Date: 20th of November 2024

o Time: 20:00 hours, dedicated to the general audience

• Date: 21st of November 2024

o Time: Midday, dedicated to secondary school students

15/05/24 – The veteran Andorran actress Carol Caubet joins our casting. Carol is a co-founder of the renowned An-danda-ra theater company and has also developed two original works in collaboration with the other An-danda-ra team. She also conducts workshops that bring life to the history and heritage of Andorra.  In ‘A Daydreaming Mom in Andorra’, Carol Caubet will play Neus, the mother-in-law of the protagonist and all of her dialogues will be in Catalan to guarantee the authenticity of her role and her story. The show will take place at the Andorra Congress Center on November 20, 2024, at 8:00 p.m., offering welcome to the public from 12 years onwards. For inquiries about communication methods, interviews or more information, please contact: renata@renataelis.com https://aptaproductions.com/
15/03/24 – APTA Theatre Productions of Andorra is pleased to announce that versatile artist Susanne Georgi will star in the theatrical show “A Daydreaming Mom in Andorra”. With a cast that brings together Andorran actors, including the talented Cristina Pericas, and international actors and an award-winning script from around the world, this innovative multilingual theater production authentically reflects the experience of a universal theme that touches everyone. The play tells, in a comic way, the story of a foreign mother who dreams when the challenges of managing her career, her children and integration into Andorran society become difficult to face.
The show will take place at the Palau de Congressos d’Andorra on November 20, 2024, at 8 p.m., open to the public from 12 years of age.
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+376 678276 renata@renataelis.com