About Us

Apta Productions is a non-profit organization that produces shows for a wide and diverse audience, with the aim of reactivating the public’s interest and appreciation for theatrical productions, producing attractive, socially relevant and entertaining performances, guaranteeing a superior theatrical experience for all the public.

We aim to show the artistic and educational capacities of local talents, inspiring, educating and favoring both artists and the public while improving the cultural landscape of Andorra and fostering a more integrated and vibrant community.
We produce low-budget theatrical performances with subtitles in English or Catalan, with the aim of attracting a wider audience.

Directors And Producers


Executive Producer,  Playwright &  Screenwriter

Playwright and award-winning screenwriter.

Renata holds a BA in Performing Arts from Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona and a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Education with a specialization in Drama from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. She also holds a Diploma in Dramatic Arts from the Célia-Helena Theater Academy in São Paulo, Brazil.



Montse Cobbo

Producer and Writer

Musician, writer, producer, and the 2024 winner of the “Poema Premi Martí i Pol“.

Montse has a degree in Humanities and a master’s degree in Project Manager.

As a producer she cultivate the necessary resources to carry out the production.